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Summer Freeze...Poptails you need in your life

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Like popsicles? Love cocktails? Well get comfy, because we think you're going to enjoy reading this! “Poptail” is just a cute way to say “cocktail in popsicle form,” and we're thinking, THAT is a concept we can all get behind.

Although the temptation is heavy (and the Pinterest peer pressure is strong!) to post vegan, dairy-free, plant-based, obscure-ingredient filled, uber-healthy fare...sorry to say, that's just not our bag! And while much of it does look delicious and one day we'll be grown up enough to truly value to effect of Chia Seeds...we like the booze and we like ice lollies! Put them together and ...yup, there you go.

So we've rounded up our ultimate poptails for your summer freeze pleasure. Drink responsibly folks...or don't, just make sure to look fabulous while you're doing it!  

#1 Mojito Pops

Ice + mint + lime + rum = always a good time. Recipe here.

#2 Bloody Mary Popsicles

Summer pops needn't be sweet, take a leaf out of the endless simmer cook book with these chilli infused savoury Bloody Mary Poptails.
Recipe here

#3 Sauvignon Blanc-Infused Yellow Peach and Vanilla Ice Pops + Pinot Noir-Infused Blackberry Ice Pops

For when wine isn't enough... wine in popsicle form might just be even better. These ones were dreamed up by New Zealand winemaker Kim Crawford Wines and NY-based artisanal fruit pops company People’s Pops and are pretty much genius in ice form. 

Recipe here.

#4 Cucumber Honeydew Margarita Popsicles

 From now on we're turning our tequila shots into a frozen Honeydew Cucumber Margarita. Everyone should! 

Recipe here

#5 Maple Brown Derby Cocktail Pops

A “Brown Derby” is a bourbon drink combined with grapefruit juice and honey syrup. But if hungrygirlporvida says it tastes better with maple syrup...who are we to argue!

Recipe here

#6 French 75 Popsicles

Fun fact: French 75 was named after the French 75mm field gun, thanks its smooth-yet-powerful kick. Mix Champers with gin and you can expect a delicious, smooth-yet-powerful kick! 

Recipe here.

#7 Cherry Apple Whisky Sour

We are reliably informed that the sweet cherries, tart apples and lime used to create this popsicle will assist you with obtaining your daily fruit serving. Absolute win! 

Recipe here

#8 Tropical Tequila Sunrise Pops

Easy to make, easy to eat, hopefully not so easy to drunk dial your nemesis after a couple too many. Recipe here.

#9 Campari Citrus Ice Pops

A great summer barbecue drink, Campari is refreshing in the heat and mild enough (25 percent alcohol) you can sip it all afternoon without worries. Enter the Campari poptail!

Recipe here

#10 Cucumber Ginger Gin Pops

We love Gin. We love Gin as an ice lolly even more. Recipe here.

#11 Piña Colada Ice Pops


One little bite will instantly transport you to slightly kitsch, summer vibes. Recipe here

#12  Mudslide Poptail

Chocolate, Vodka, Kahlua, and Baileys getting all frisky in delightful ways. Recipe here.

This list was brought to you by the wit and the will - beachwear for the bold. 


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