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The Perfect Bikini Body Bullshit!

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'Oh hello you little hottie!'...that's what we thought when The Curvy Blogger wore our Yvette Kimono recently with her Aerie Bikini. We were over the moon and more than a little bit in love with the images. We think she looks fabulous and were incredibly proud to see such a total fox rocking our Kimono! 

If you're not familiar with her work, here's a word from her:

"My blog has always been there for me and it is really just a place of positivity and love. I enjoy sharing outfit photos, but I really want to inspire girls from all over the world to feel comfortable in their own skin, and to look good doing it. 

We only get one body, so let’s make the most of it and treat it right. :) "

Something that resonates with all of us right?

So when those images hit Instagram we were pretty appalled to witness an online debate that seems to have a deep fire in its belly about 'big girls' and bikinis

...as if there was something wrong with it.  

(evidently, ANYONE over a size 8 - which apparently is the publicly acceptable bikini size - is now a ‘big girl’. Urrrrgh just kill us now!)

You tube Blogger Loey Lane put it perfectly when she said "Bigger girls in bikinis are not asking for your feedback!" but we would go even further to say 

"ALL girls in bikinis are not asking for your feedback" 

Your body is not an ornament made to satisfy others...you wear what you damn well please!

At the heart of our brand is the ethos of bold, strong, adventurous, independent, formidable women, women that help, love and support each other, not tear each other down. Each of our pieces are named after an inspirational woman from lovely ladies we know personally to role models, in academia, through history, for their contribution to the world we live in and in showbiz (cos we do love a little va va voom!) 

Whilst we offer kaftans and kimonos as an alternative for beach or poolside lounging…we kinda hate the word ‘cover-up', as our intention is not to hide you away or make you disappear. Although in an ideal world we should feel 100% confident in a bikini, we know that not everyone does. 

But that does NOT mean you should ever feel you have to fade in to the background! 

Speaking with our customers, one thing is clear: this is something that resonate with women of all shapes and sizes. Most of us feel like a 'big girl' at some point or another...we may strive for perfection, but invariably even when we look pretty fabulous, we're bound to get torn down. Sometimes by ourselves, most times by others. What we should be is kinder to ourselves and each other – and have the freedom to embody our own aesthetic without judgement or persecution.  


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