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Swimwear Brands We Love!

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Summer is officially here and we've been dedicatedly gearing up for swimsuit season. We've been hitting up the gym, we've cut out all sugar, doing at least 100 crunches a day...

Aw, who are we kidding?! We've actually been spooning Nutella into our mouths, watching Friends re-runs, and supping fruity iced beverages of the alcoholic variety.

That being said, we have been online shopping and trying to find gorgeous swimwear that's both comfortable and stylish is quite the challenge. Maybe not the same sort of challenge as a 60 minute Boxercise class, but still, pretty hard work!

So cast aside that tired old triangle top and boring black bikini briefs, we've found the most stylish, flattering, and standout swimwear in our round up of Swimwear brands currently making a splash with the style set. 


We Are Handsome

Unusual graphic prints and bold colors are what makes We Are Handsome unique and a little badass. Seen on the likes of Rihanna and Bey, this swimwear brand is bound to keep you super cool in the heat. 

We Like: Prints like we've never seen before on swimwear make for seriously standout beach posing! 

Triangl Swimwear

A cult favorite among bloggers, Instagrammers and Aussie It-girls, Triangl Swimwear now ships internationally and with all the bikinis $99 or $89 for a set– hanging with the cool kids is surprisingly affordable.

We Like: Looking at their website is colours galore and has us feeling super summery. 

Jets Swimwear 

Stylish, sophisticated and sexy, JETS Swimwear is a favourite of ours because they offer larger sizes and cup sizes without scrimping on style. So whether you're a size 8 or 16, they have something (actually supportive, comfortable and flattering) for everyone.

We Like: Their bandeau one pieces are seriously slimming and chic without making you feel like you're covered from head to toe. 


Aerie are totally rocking our world right now with their 100% no retouching policy. Using the hashtag #AERIEreal, they're gathering a hardcore following by encouraging and showcasing women in all their realness... whether that be skinny, curvy and everything in-between. They're offering a massive reality check and not surprisingly, it's gone down really well.

Check out our blogpost featuring The Curvy Blogger who is totally rocking her Aerie Bikini and our Yvette Kimono. 

 We Like: Great attitude, totally inspiring AND cool swimmers. 

Myra Swim

For ladies who's boobs defy gravity (we're so jealous) Myra Swim's bathing suits are some of the sexiest we've ever seen! Cheeky Brazilian cuts, seamless finishes and sexy high cut designs, all in muted tones make for slightly sporty, very sexy and chic designs. 

We Like: The Elle One Piece, but we wish they did larger sizes.

Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman loves bold, neon tribal prints...and for this we love her, it's as if she answered our swimwear prayers. When it comes to standout, signature beachwear featuring kaleidoscopic patterns and interesting cuts, she is the queen and you can spot her designs a mile off. 

We Like: Did you know many of her pieces are reversible too? So although they are a little pricey, you're essentially getting two styles for the price of one which is pretty awesome. 


Those Aussies know how to do good swimwear and Fella offer an amazing selection of simple and sophisticated separates perfect for mix and match.  

We Like: Their Don, Eddy and Finn bottoms which offer fab cover with the high waist but are too darn sexy for words!


Another favorite of A-listers and fashion girls everywhere, Marysia Swim's sweet scalloped designs are a little punchy but for instant pool chic and Instagram worthy moments, sometimeS it's worth the splurge.

We Like: Love the Palm Springs bikini and Santa Barbara one shoulder.

Roxana Salehoun

Roxana Salehoun's LA-made line is pure vintage summer ! Embellished suits inspired by vintage beachwear, velvet, fur, hand sewn appliqués of gold flowers and red fish...it's all a bit mad, but in a fabulous way.

We Like: The Apricot Triangle top is pure glorious bonkers!




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