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Our Story


the wit and the will offers a bold fusion of bohemian-inspired fashion with a luxurious modern
influence, inspired by fabulous exotic locations, vibrant cultures and life in the tropics.

Zoe’s inspiration for the wit and the will began with her love of travel and her background
in fashion and design. After embracing a new life in Singapore and faced with a constant
balmy 35 degrees, a very necessary wardrobe overhaul was required. However she felt the
absence of a label that featured bold prints, strong colours, elegant flattering silhouettes and
beautifully made pieces... at an affordable price. With her London fashion roots and heavily
inspired by Singapore’s tropical influence, Zoe launched the wit and the will at the end of 2014. 

Our garments are proudly designed in our Singapore studio and produced ethically and 
socially responsibly in our factory in Bandung, Indonesia. Our fabrics are designed in-house 
so totally exclusive and unique.

Now our 7th collection, the wit and the will’s aesthetic is a mix of influences and inspiration
from our world travels...but is always drenched in colour, using vivid prints, crafted from
luxurious fabrics with exquisite details.  

the wit and the will is thoughtfully-designed resort wear that feels like a effortless extension
of our wardrobe and offers versatility and sartorial elegance from beach-to-bar, pool-to-party
and day-to-night. 

We design limited edition pieces that enhance and flatter; statement beachwear that has no
intention of hiding you away. Because we don't sell cover-ups...our pieces announce your arrival! 

the wit and the will is beachwear for the bold, focusing on a contemporary, stylish look for those lazy beach days and hazy nights.
For chic travellers, adventure seekers and life’s explorers: women with the wit and the will to forge their own paths, be brave, and be true
...never conventional, never bashful, always bold.